Re-installing new drive fails

Xbox One X
My original drive failed so I purchased a new Samsung 2 tb SSD
I used OSU1 and the new drive installed perfectly
That was a month or so ago and I liked the new SSD speed and larger storage

So last week, I got a new series X and I want to sell my One X
But I want to keep the 2 tb SSD drive and install a stock 1 tb drive

I purchased a 1 tb Seagate mobile HDD which is what the stock XBOX One x had in it
I installed the drive and used a fresh downloaded OSU1 to set up the new drive
The install fails and I can’t get it to work at all.
I pulled the drive out and hooked it to my Win 10 machine and it looks like the OSU1 did copy a bunch of files to the new drive.
Plus it created about 6 partitions
I deleted all the partitions and formatted the drive as NTFS

On the MS site it list all the OS’s that need OSU1

My OS is not on that list and I am thinking that it is because MS just updated the Xbox a couple weeks ago?
My current OS is 10.0.22000.3021

So now I am wondering if there is a newer OSU1 than the linked ones on the MS web site?

Anyone have any ideas?