Reading on BQ chip off

Hi. Does anyone know where this connections are getting the reading in diode mode from.

Mine seems to have double the value so I thought corrosion under bq chip or connection of the lines but after removing the chip I still get above 1 in value.

Caps n line in pic reading 495. Mine is all above 1


Please disconnect battery and powersupply from the mainboard before measuring in diode mode.
Put the red probe on ground (not the black one!) and test with the black probe the pins/pads/parts you like to measure. The values may differ from multimeter to multimeter but should be in the same range.

If you switch the probes you get something total different.

You Mia understood my question.

My switch is measuring 1.1+. From the pic those points should be at 0.495. I’m trying to figure where those value are comming from , I’m thinking there’s a crossover somewhere. Bq chip is off

Two possible crossover points are over the M92T36. There is a cap and a ic which have the VBUS line and a 1.+ line closely together.

Thanks Calvin info. My measurements on this looks normal. I add flux and heat anyway just in case but still the same.

It looks like those points has the same measurement as this 6 legged guy but I can’t seem to find what feed into these 6 legged guy

Decided to start removing things. Looks like after removing the 6 legged guy. The measurement on the BQ chip is 0, and two of the legs has the correct measurement now while the other is 0 but I think after I fitted a new 6 legged piece in it should be good.

Will update if it’s the cause. Waiting on my donor board. (A friend borrowed it to take some parts)