Recommendation on soldering iron

My iron I got with my 3-1 rework station keeps falling apart. Suggestions on a good iron? As well as tips to go with it? Current iron does not fit some extra tips I bought for it :/. Thanks!!

This is it how it connects.

Mine is a yuasa rework station. Cant fault it.

An iron with a link would be appreciated! I already have a station

Yihua 8786d I got it off ebay

Hey there,

If you’re looking only for an iron I can highly recommend the JBC T245 or T210 soldering stations. I currently use a custom built station (a modified UniSolder, google it, should be easy to find on dangerousprototypes) with a T245 handle and various tips. Watch out, prices for the JBC equipment is high, but definitely worth it.

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I’m a fan of the Hakko FX-888 series. A bit expensive but solid: com/dp/B00OSM27T8/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_mvkPDbSG4BZ81


I like the Weller WES51 with the pencil iron, used they are pretty inexpensive and the tips are pretty cheap on Amazon.