Repair guide for most common Switch issues

Hi there,
I thought about making a guide which explains what to do in case a part of the switch breaks because i haven’t found such a thing and reading trough forum posts / scraping information together is a little bit cumbersome

Who wants to contribute to this idea?

I put a “first draft” on Github (“SX-Repair”)

I can tribute and help you out with this project, sounds like a good idea.

Do you have a github account?
You can just fork the repo, make some changes and make a pr with your changes

No but i can make an account, so what im supposed to do, write an report every time i repair a switch ? what was the cause of the issue, how did i find the fault?

Could you show me your “SX Repair” ?

I tought more about having an issue (e.g “does not turn on”) and then the steps to diagnose what could be broken

Just go to github and search for “SX-Repair”