Repair suggestions, please. Dealing with UbreakIfix

Hey all, I’d really appreciate some advice. I attempted to replace the USB C port on my Nintendo Switch. I purchased the new port from Steve’s affiliate page and used a hot air gun station. After it would only charge in one orientation when plugged in and wouldn’t recognize the dock. I ran an iron across the exposed set of pins and got it to charge in both orientations and recognize the dock, but won’t send a picture.

I assumed I didn’t get one or some of the pins that are under the port. I didn’t want to chance breaking it further, so I took it to UbreakIfix. I explained what happened and what I had attempted to fix it. They texted me the next day to tell me it was ready and nothing has changed. It still won’t display to the TV.

Am I wrong assuming I missed pins and I actually damaged another component through heating? My gut says they didn’t do anything and just took my money…


Have you let them know that it’s still not working? That’s the first thing I recommend. I always try to give a repair shop the benefit of the doubt. They might well be willing to make it right with you.

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Generally I m not a big fan of mention repair shop names.
You tried to do the repair yourself and after discover that something went wrong, you went to yor local repair shop. And now you are dropping the line in an worldwide forum: My gut says they didn’t do anything and just took my money…
Please be fair and talk first with the repair shop.
I would ask, what they done in detail during the repair and what they tested.