Repaired joysticks now no audio from headphone jack on PS4 Slim DS4 Controller

I watched a TronicsFix YouTube video about fixing DS4 controllers. I successfully replaced the joysticks with OEM replacements. Now my headphone jack does not output audio. The DualShock4 internal speaker still works. I am lost on why the headphone jack does not work. I could not find any schematics for the controller. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Well first thing I would do is make sure nothing has slipped out because if something has there’s your issue if not it could be that part is faulty

Thanks for the reply:-) I have not found anything out of place. The replaced joysticks work great! I must have broken something when I soldered in the new control sticks. I just don’t know. I wish I could find schematics for the DS4 controller. Best wishes.