Repatch conductor pads

Good Day Everyone,

I’m quite in a huge pickle.

I did some troubleshooting on an uncharging mobo, to my discovery that one of the pins of the usb type c port was missing. So I decided to replace it.

Upon finally removing a faulty type c port, I noticed that two pads to the far right (of the pic) is missing! The bare copper that was there to provide conductivity for type c connection is gone!

Not sure when this happened, but my guess was when I was removing the port.

Is there anyway to order some copper strips to that size to recreate conductivity for the type c pads? I marked the issue with red arrows and circles the pads in blue.

Can you provide any solutions or is now the whole board toast? The board works with a full battery, but I had an error code of 2134-0501 pop up on boot which is prob that m29chip thing.

But if I can’t fix the type c problem, it almost seems there’s no point to switch a potential m29chip fault.

Are you able to assist?


you dont need those 2 missing pad if thats a switch lite.

The board is most definitely not toast! First, its a USB-C so it works from both sides. If you take the easiest route by installing a new port, since it needs one anyway, it will still work fine but only work on one side. If you want to fix those missing pads, you can use thin copper wire from an old iPhone speaker or any small speaker but yes they do sell copper pads. An easier method would be to just install jump wires from the port to those points. It is very delicate work and a personal favorite. There are tons of videos on youtube showing all of the way torn pads can be repaired.

But before any of that, I agree with jkyoho. The right pad, looking at your picture, appears to be ground which isn’t needed to be fixed. Take a look at the pin out and you will know if those pads are needed or not.