Replaced a usb c connector now i only get charging on one side of usb cable

Did the hidden pins not get connected properly?

Hi, I have the same issue.
I have changed the port twice and I can only charge when the usb-c is in one of the ways.
I have no shorts on the capacitors close to the thre common chips to check.


Hi guys,

When the USB C port are removed from the PCB, did you check if each line works?
Maybe the Pin looks good but there is some damage between the Chip/cap/res its connected to? i have seen solutions when people had to make jumpers for every line.

Did you heat the pcb up from the bottom?
When it only charges from one side it means that one of the cc lines is damaged or has no continuity

You can dremel off a part of the usb connector and solder wires directly from testpoints to it like FXDS
Original usb connector seems to be best for this method because they have the hidden row directly under a small layer of plastic

I am working on getting a breakout board to test each individual connection. I will update when i get it. I feel like it was caused by the pins not being connected to the pads as i was heating the pads from the top and when they liquified i was putting the port on top than holding heat for another 5 to 10 secs. I feel like the inner row didnt make a solid connection. If i desolder the connector again i will check continuity on all pads to the connecting traces.

I heated from the bortom side.
I now suspect that maybe the m92T36 chip can be broken even though there is no short on the capacitors.
The charging is very random. Sometimes it fast charge for an hour and then stop charging at all. Sometimes one side of the connector works. Sometimes the other side works. Sometimes the lightning is visible but the current is 0.07A. I don’t think it is bad connection since it is not sensitive to pushing on the connector and I have replaced it several times with new ones.
The switch works as usual but not in the dock. The dock can’t charge it at all. No led. No response at all.
Could it be a bad battery?

When the dock can’t detect the chip it’s most likely m92T36 because it handles the communication between usb-c devices and allows charging, …

I would check for proper continuity between usb-c cc lines and m92T36 first because it could be a cold solderjoint (also check voltages of 2 cc pins on m92T36)

Is there any other way to measure if all pins are connected? i have the breakout box coming but wondering if theres a way before hand to check for bad solder joints.


check this post and refer the diode value accordingly