Replaced headphone jack and now ZL does not register

Before repairing the headphone jack on a nintendo switch lite the ZL button works. After that repair it no longer works any ideas as to what maybe the problem?

Thanks, from a desperate father

I always get the trigger button names mixed up :smiley: but there is one which has a tact switch on a ribbon cable and the other one has the tact switch soldered directly onto the board, it’s possibe if it’s the ribbon one at fault it might be there is a tear in it or something. If you set your metere to continuity and place your probe on each of the tact switch contacts and press the button your meter should beep which indicates the tact-switch is working as it should, if it doesn’t it means there is a fault and either the ribbon/button needs replaced.

Hope that helps :+1:

Thanks I will open it up and have a look. I will let you know how I get on.