Replaced Joycon rails but joycons aren't recognized

Hello! I have a Nintendo Switch that had its rails replaced with known good rails and I still do not have any controller recognition when sliding them in\ with known good controllers.

I don’t know where to start this and would like some help if possible! Thank you very much for your time!

Replaced on the switch? Or the side rails on the joycons?

If both stopped working simultaneously, then it may be an issue with the joycon power output to the rails.

This power line also supplies the power to the fan, which if that has failed… Can stop the power rail supplying power.

So do you know if the fan is still kicking in when required?

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Hey! The fan is turning on when required. I got this switch from a lot on ebay that stated it had joycon issues. I placed known good joycons on the switch and they did not register. I replaced with known good rails for the switch and still no luck. If you have any suggestions I would gladly like to test them out. I’m a bit new to nintendo switches so I have much to learn.