Replaced joystick but still drifting

I have replaced a drifting joystick on a Dualsense controller, but it is still reporting a drift upwards. I have replaced it with a known good joystick and am still seeing drift on it.
What would the next steps be to find out what the issue could be?

Joystick is reading around 1.2k between middle and outerpins, so well within expected values.

If the potentiometer is missing or not making contact with the pcb, the resistance on that axis line will have no valid value for a middle position and shows a max input peak.
I would check the vias where the potentiometer inquestion is mounted and test if the resistance value is changing to movement of the stick.

thank you. Where should the traces for the potentiometer terminate, so I can test continuity?

I assume that the trace is probably broken somewhere. Alone the joysticks read the correct values and change resistance when moved. Just the left mount seems to be faulty.

The lines are going under the SIE ic. If you are sure about the solder contacts and have no damaged at the three vias, used the right potentiometer with the correct resistance value and have not visible scratches on the pcb, I have no further ideas.

Thank you - I will double check everything.

I think the most likely cause is damaged traces, thanks for the pointers and affirming what I suspected.

Having the same issue but everything looks okay on my controller so I am not too sure what the issue is. Is there a certain resistance the joysticks have to be at? Also, how do you calibrate the controller when I have already set it and it didn;t do anything.

Did you compare the resistance range from both analog sticks?

I did not and unfortunately I don’t have the original sticks.

You replaced both analog sticks and have now on all four axis the problem?

I’m getting around 1.1kΩ on my mine across the outer and middle legs and about 2kΩ across the two outer legs

I replaced the right joystick only and soldered 3 joysticks on their and the discs in the potentiometer and it still has -0.09 drift.

You replaced the whole right analogstick three times?

Correct. I bought these analog sticks linked below and replaced the analog stick. Is there any way for me to know what resistance the potentiometer’s should be at? Because the original one, I threw away because it wasn’t worth keeping since it was messed up in the process.

I can’t provide links but here is the title for the Amazon listing that I bought the joysticks from:

Joysticks Replacement for PS5 Controller, AOLION 3D Joystick Module Parts Compatible with Playstation 5 DualSense Controller, 51 PCS PS5 Controller Replacement parts with 4 Joystick, 4 Thumbstick, 10 Protective Ring and More

I would measure at the left unchanged analog stick at one of the potentiometers from the middle pin to one of the outside pins. You should get a value half the range aprox 1.15 kOhms or 5 kOhms. If you move the stick in the axis you are measuring, you should see aprox max 2 kOhms/ min 0.300 kOhms or max 10 kOhms / min 0.300 kOhms.
Now you can compare it to the replaced analogstick and check if the value are the same.

This is what I got whenever I measured the different points.


Only way I was able to get the link to post

Did you measure resistance across the middle and outer pins? You shouldn’t be seeing 0k between the middle and any of the outer pins.

My post was misleading. There are two kinds potentiometers for the ps5 controller: Resistance is 2.3k or 10k. The resistance is only correct measureable outside the ciruit direct at the potentiometer.

If the replacement analogsticks have the wrong resistance both axis (right/left and up/down) should make problems at the same time.

In circuit I was not able to get stabil compareable readings for minimum, middle and max analogstick positions.