Replaced my Switch Speaker, now it won't turn on

Hey Guys,

So today I decided to replace the faulty Speaker on my off warranty Nintendo Switch. No soldering, just unplug and plug. I’ve fix other electronics before (nothing advance) but I know what I’m doing. Slap everything back together, and voila, my Switch won’t turn on. Plug in to the charger and nothing happens. Tried hard resetting my Switch also no luck. If I connect it to to the dock, the green light blink once, and then nothing, no continuous blinking, or anything, just no green light.

Open it back up, and place the original speaker, also no luck.

I’m at a lost here, any suggestion? :frowning: I plan to send it to a local shop to have a look, but its really expensive, so I’m really really hoping this is something I can fix myself.

Check that everything is connected properly and the board isn’t damaged