Replaced retimer chip on xbox one x. Fixed temporary but now won't stay powered on

HDMI issue at first, then replaced retimer chip. Everything seemed good. Stayed on a solid hour without issue. Started it again last night - and would randomly shut off after 10-30 minutes of usage. Took it all apart again, ensured I had thermal place applied correctly and solidly. Now only powers on and off immediately, or up to about 5 seconds if i hold the power button.

Using a watt meter, it does seem to send power for the time it’s actually on - so i do not think it’s the power supply either.

Has anyone seen this before?

i have an xbox one x that i have replaced retimer and same exact issue, if it’s cold, it works perfect, but seems like when it gets hot turns off, after that it stay on only for a few minutes? could this be caused by a faulty retimer chips?