Replaced screen now other issues

Hi inexperienced DIYer here
I have just replaced the digitiser and lcd screen on my sons switch. All seemed to be ok came back on screen working well but power button and game card reader now not working, anyone know is this likely to be something I have not reconnected or have damaged?


When you replaced the touch and LCD panel, did you remove the motherboard? or disconnected any flex cables?

If yes, it could be a loose flex.

Managed to find a loose connection to fix the game card reader but unfortunately not fixed the power button. Think the flex cable may have a tiny knick in it anyone know if the power button cable can be replaced?

of course, it could be replaced :slight_smile:

Can you test if the volumes button works? or is it just the power button?

Here is a new power and volume button flex:

I saw this video today, have you checked that there are no missing parts around the connector?

Thanks I’ll take a look at the video, the volume buttons do work just not the power button