Replacement for Popped SMD Capacitor on Mainboard

Hey guys and girls. My PS4 recently developed a power issue that I thought was due to a faulty power supply. It would turn off about a second after I turned it on and would show no life until I unplugged it from the main and plugged it back in. Changing the power supply did not help.

This evening I tried turning it on because I hadn’t tried to in a while and for the first time I noticed a tiny spark close to the fan. There was also a slight smell of burned electronics. Being the DIY guy that I am, I took it apart to find that a SMD capacitor had ruptured.



Does anyone know the rating of the broken capacitor I’ve highlighted in the photo? The mainboard is the PS4 SAA-001 from the PS4 CUH-1001A model. Your help is greatly appreciated.

If it’s a not a hassle for you, you could try to remove one of those capacitors (beside the faulty capacitor) and measure it, it’s high likely that the value is the same with the others.

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Agree with @xfreaks

Though I would measure the resistance across the capacitor next to it (which is in parallel) and check that it’s short (which i expect it is) so then you will see that by removing the blown cap it actually resolves the problem and clears the short before powering it on.

I have no idea what rail this cap is on off the top of my head, but measure the voltage after removing the bad cap and select an appropriate voltage rated cap based on this.