Replacement for Popped SMD Capacitor on Mainboard

Hey guys and girls. My PS4 recently developed a power issue that I thought was due to a faulty power supply. It would turn off about a second after I turned it on and would show no life until I unplugged it from the main and plugged it back in. Changing the power supply did not help.

This evening I tried turning it on because I hadn’t tried to in a while and for the first time I noticed a tiny spark close to the fan. There was also a slight smell of burned electronics. Being the DIY guy that I am, I took it apart to find that a SMD capacitor had ruptured.



Does anyone know the rating of the broken capacitor I’ve highlighted in the photo? The mainboard is the PS4 SAA-001 from the PS4 CUH-1001A model. Your help is greatly appreciated.