Replacement Game Cartridge Reader Board issues

I have tried 6 Game Cart Reader Boards in my Switch. The original won’t read Game Carts. All six of the replacement Reader Boards either have partial touch screen or no touch screen. The vendor takes them back no questions asked and replaces them with more defective ones. Yes, the are new, not used. The one Tronicsfix recommends is out of stock with no resupply date given. Any sources out there for reliable Game Cart Reader Boards?

Unfortunately, it can be really hard to find good game card readers. Some say there’s also an issue if you have one that has mismatched firmware from the motherboard but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. I usually used readers from junk Switches and they almost always work.


Thanks for the quick response, that is exactly what I thought I might have to do. I just can’t believe how much they are getting for junk Switches.

I’ve replaced dozens of these, and now mainly just move a functional card reader to the original board. I’ve now ordered brand-new game cartridge reader receptacles from Group Vertical, as they are the least expensive and actually have them in-stock. The cost of the full assembly (daughterboard with game cartridge reader, digitizer connector, and AUX port) is usually $30-$45, so just replacing the receptacle for ~$7-$8 is more reasonable, and the touch functionality remains intact.

I have experienced the same problem

They use to be under $15 and working. I’ll give it a go with the socket replacement, thanks.

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