Replacing laptop GPU

Is replacing a soldered-on laptop GPU possible? I have a laptop that will crash when trying to game, and most things I’ve tried on the software side have had no effect. I’ve also tried the typical hardware sided things such as reseating connectors/ram/etc and I have also repasted it. If it is possible, would just replacing the GPU do the trick or would I need to do anything else?

Yes it’s possible as long as that’s the fault and you replace it with the same type chip but be warned that is a very advanced repair

Would there be anything I’d need to do software wise after replacement? The laptop is worth a fair amount fully functional but in the condition its in, it really isn’t worth enough to cry over if I were to mess anything up. The part that’d hold most of the value as is, the screen, is fully functional so I wouldn’t be losing much anyway. If nothing else, I’ll just throw the screen up for auction and call it a day.

As far as i’m aware it will work fine I usually steer clear of reballing jobs myself