Resistor value next to 8316 chip for LCD power

Hey, i have a switch that works normal charging docking. Only the display has no power.

I found the diagram from the user Severence an checked for the 5V VOUT
VOUT-1 has 0V
VOUT-2 has 3,4V

tronicsfixforum . com/uploads/db3735/original/2X/d/db3500dbfad45d8bb58817d104377a9d7dc3e970.jpeg

The far right resistor #5 (C4, connecting to VOUT-2) has value of 2 MOhm. That seems too high. I have no donor boards.

Could someone please measure the resitance value?
Thank you.

I measure at this cap 74 kOhms.

is 74 kOhm in circuit or off?

off circuit, 74k ohm

ok thanks. i will buy one and test