Retimer chip remove and reinstall

I got an Xbox One X that someone replaced the retimer chip and then it would not even turn on. The situation is exactly like Steve’s video from July 26, 2019 " They Couldn’t Fix Their Xbox One X - Can I?"

This chip was so misaligned that there were several pins on the chip shorted together. After reinstalling the chip the console still won’t power on. Before I dive into this one, maybe someone has experience to say something like “oh, it’s the…”. One can only hope.

If it turned on before the chip was removed but not after it was replaced then it’s likely the replacement chip is faulty…maybe from the bridged connection. I would try a new retimer chip

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Yes, it happened to me once… bad ic could cause that…

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Thanks for the replies. It would not power on before I realigned the retimer, I ordered another retimer chip. I will let you know how it turns out.

Well, I replaced the retimer chip and it powers up…but, no video. I really don’t like working on something someone else worked on that was supposedly qualified to.

Is it possible that he shorted something else video related on the board when he shorted the retimer chip?

Could you take pictures to see how it looks?

Hello, I do not see an option to send you a private message. I am hoping you maybe able to help me out. I am in desperate need of PS4 original ports. Do you have any you can sell and ship by fedex? I have ordered some from china in April and they appear to be lost. Thanks.

Sorry for such a late reply, chronic519, I am at a point with the PS4 Originals that repairing just isn’t cost effective for me. The poorly made Chinese ports are so bad that some have to be tossed if I can’t bend the anchors to get them to align properly. Still looking for a better source, none found so far.

Did you ever find the root of your problem?