Right and Left Joycon issues

Got two joycons that have issues.

Right one, the stick doesn’t work but the switch does see it and the buttons work. Tried replacing the stick with two known good ones and still nothing, doesn’t even recognize the click when pushed in.

Left one, had same issue but i’ve replaced the stick again with known good ones and nothing. But now the switch doesn’t see it, but you do get the click noise and flash on the screen when inserted. I can attach it to the computer via Bluetooth and using gamepad-tester webiste all the buttons work but the stick still shows its pulling left.

Are they OEM or third party thumbsticks? I had a batch of third party one’s with a green coloured circuit tails & they where complete garbage… Wouldn’t connect reliably to the joycon connector.

I’ve got both, OEM and 3rd Party.

Ordered some new joycon rails to see if that fixes some of the issues

So update, left joycon.
Replaced the rail and now the buttons work but will nothing on the stick.

Right reassembled and tried all the sticks I had as I’ve lost track of which are the originals and what are the 3rd party and OEM :see_no_evil:. Still nothing from the sticks.

Anything else to check before I give up and maybe send them somewhere to get the connectors replaced?

Here are my diode mode readings (no battery, no power supply, red probe on ground, black probe on the pin/pad) for the left and the right JoyCon connetor: The voltages should be like in the 3rd picture. The resistance values are from a broken Switch, so I don t know if they are ok.

Again thanks Calvin for the info :grin:
Another update, got all the sticks together Original, OEM, 3rd party

Replaced all again, and found some that work, but I think they are the originals that have the drift.

Any recommendations for a UK supplier I’ll try getting one more set.

(any chance you can send me full versions of the diagrams for the Joycons? You gave me the main board in the past​:grin::grin:)

Sorry, I didn t make a diode map for the JoyCon.

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