Right joycon keeps disconnecting

My son has a switch bought brand new on amazon problem is he carries it around by just holding the red joycon on the right hand side of his switch now switch keeps on saying right joycon is disconnected and when is connected if he presses A button it disconnects
Second set of joycon he had same problem beginning to think he has damaged the console where joycons go rather than joycon can anyone help or give advice please he loves his switch


You may need to replace the rail on the console. This will involve opening it up, but is a rather simple repair if you follow a guide.

Ill have a look cheers

You mean disconnect handheld mode and goes into wireless mode(detach/slide up from the rail), or you mean it disconnect from device like not charged?

It stops working from being connected to switch to working wireless mostly when he presses A button i just thought with A being at end of control it might be knocking it out of the rails or causing a slight disconnection somewhere sorry brains and being able to use correct grammar not my strong points

I assume you can see the bottom left HOME screen LITTE switch logo has right side joycon detach at that point?
Likely is the rail connection related, either the rail slot or the slider lock plastic wears out.

It shows it connected then when he presses A button it shows disconnected probably is the rail as the control works on my daughters switch

If your suspecting the rail you can fully unscrew (think four screws down the side) disconnect the ribbon. poke the pin out with some tweezers at the bottom of the rail (your might have to grab the opposing side of the pin to remove) and inspect the pins on the connector following removing the pin (this is the part with ribbon attached). This often gets gunged up by kids with softdrinks and the like, in which case 70/30 IPA/deionized water mix to remove , then contact cleaner after (assuming that’s your problem)

Alternately you can just replace the whole joycon slide, but I prefer to fix everything possible myself :slight_smile:

Worth a try he loves his switch (gets bullied alot and switch is his safe place while sat next to me and his mam) anything so he can keep on playing with it

Aww well Let us know if that’s the problem :slight_smile: