Right Joycon R button Jumper Wires

Hello, I am trying to repair a broken R button. Unfortunately all the traces are gone. See photo attached.
Someone know where they go? I can try with jumper wires but I don’t know where to look with the multimeter

Thanks I will take a shot

Just an extra point here, the via you will be attaching too comes up under the buttons, so don’t go too mad with the solder or you will end up with a bump of it on the other side that stops the button being pressed. If it does happen you can peel it back, and remove the solder, but just something to keep an eye out for!

Thank you very much for the advice
I am waiting the copper wire and the button to arrive
I will tell you how it’s going

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Thank you all
I have done it
It’s not too bad for my first time

better clean off flux and put some hot glue around to hold firm on the new button

I have not cleaned it because I am worried that I could break the connection
I will buy the glue