Right Joycon R button repair

If the R button snaps off the joycon motherboard you can run jumper wires to the 2 places shown in the photo below if there are no pads left under the R button switch.

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Here is a bit more acuurate, as i’ve done it :slight_smile:

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Anyone know the part number for that surface mount button? Is it available on Digikey, Mouser, etc?

aliexpress have them. I can’t post a link but search for joycon micro switch should bring up the results.
they cost Β£2.31 for 2

Yea, I’ve seen a few around specifically sold as a joy con part. I was hoping it was a generic part that an electronics supplier would stock. Switches like that typically cost way less than a dollar.

Hello, I don’t know how we could contact each other, but I would really like to get some tips on how to do this :frowning: Thank you. Could you explain which kind of cables you used, how you welded them to the board, but also what is the kind of… transparent glue you used ? Thanks for your help.

I just fixed 7 broken right joycons and I used 0.1 mm enameled wire, in similar fashion as the images in this topic. Using uv solder mask is probably not a totally bad idea. Be careful when removing the right joycon battery compartment, sometimes the button is still connected and unsoldering instead of ripping it off saves you a lot of trouble. If the metal clamp is bend you probably need a new button. This is nothing different than running jumper wires and restoring pads on any other kind of board you will probably find a video. I lately saw a video from northridgeFix where he restored ripped off nintendo switch lcd connector pads, which is basically the same process.

After scraping the solder resist a little with a design cutter, solder it with a solder-plated wire (0.3 mm). If you are concerned about the strength, harden it with epoxy resin.