Right Joycon R button repair

If the R button snaps off the joycon motherboard you can run jumper wires to the 2 places shown in the photo below if there are no pads left under the R button switch.

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Here is a bit more acuurate, as i’ve done it :slight_smile:

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Anyone know the part number for that surface mount button? Is it available on Digikey, Mouser, etc?

aliexpress have them. I can’t post a link but search for joycon micro switch should bring up the results.
they cost £2.31 for 2

Yea, I’ve seen a few around specifically sold as a joy con part. I was hoping it was a generic part that an electronics supplier would stock. Switches like that typically cost way less than a dollar.

Hello, I don’t know how we could contact each other, but I would really like to get some tips on how to do this :frowning: Thank you. Could you explain which kind of cables you used, how you welded them to the board, but also what is the kind of… transparent glue you used ? Thanks for your help.

I just fixed 7 broken right joycons and I used 0.1 mm enameled wire, in similar fashion as the images in this topic. Using uv solder mask is probably not a totally bad idea. Be careful when removing the right joycon battery compartment, sometimes the button is still connected and unsoldering instead of ripping it off saves you a lot of trouble. If the metal clamp is bend you probably need a new button. This is nothing different than running jumper wires and restoring pads on any other kind of board you will probably find a video. I lately saw a video from northridgeFix where he restored ripped off nintendo switch lcd connector pads, which is basically the same process.

After scraping the solder resist a little with a design cutter, solder it with a solder-plated wire (0.3 mm). If you are concerned about the strength, harden it with epoxy resin.

Does the pin on the left (next to the hole) needs to be connected? Looks like the circuit closes with the other pin

Nope, you only need the two pins connected.

Hello again.
Is there someone who lives close to France (France, maybe Germany, Spain, Italy, UK…) Who could repair my joy con ? I have the broken joy con with no metal (all scraped) like in the picture. I also have a set of new buttons but of course, with no metal on the motherboard, I could glue the button back and there would be no transmission- xD
I thought of repairing it myself but I just can’t find very slim cables like this… I tries finding it online of in stores and I just… Can’t find it, it’s always too much cable and cables too big :frowning: … I have a soldering pen, but that’s pretty much it. I have repaired difference things so like, I might be able to repair it with the right little wires, but… Yeah… Maybe if someone here who has done a reparations could do it for me OR message me in DM here and like… You know, we talk back and forth with advices on how to do it ? That would really help me.
Because I want to stream games but my joy cons are the only ones with loose buttons (from playing Tetris a lot), and all other working joycons are too stiff.
Thanks for the help, can’t wait to hear from you again. :heart:

I have been using these for this sort of fix:

In terms of attaching the new button, I have usually been able to scrape away some solder mask to the side and bridged the gap with solder, but if it is not possible you could use some strong epoxy to glue it on I guess. ( or glue on some new copper to solder too )

A terrible thing happened today, I’ve ripped the backup pad for the middle connector any idea where does it go on the board? The tiny via above goes to the middle of the board, and I have no clue where it connects…

Thanks in advance for any assistance.