Right Joycon Won't Connect Wirelessly

Hi there, I realized my right joycon is no longer connecting wireless. When slid into the system, it sees it just fine and charges the battery fine, but when disconnected, I get the green lights but it never sees it. Tried it on two other Switches as well and they can’t see it either.

Over on the Switch repair wiki, I see an article about joy cons that won’t connect wirelessly and details a faulty capacitor surrounded by two resistors and a six pin voltage regulator. I’d post a link to the site, but it appears here I cannot…so here’s a photo.

Mine looks like:

Here are a few areas of interest that look like they could match, but I have no idea.

#1 - I think this is most likely, even one of the resistors measured 10 ohms but that could just be because it’s a 10 ohm resistor. Maybe the cap circled in red is the culprit? I don’t know what its values are so I can only guess. It’s not shorted though.

#2 and #3, I think these are less likely, but look somewhat similar.

Anyway, I’d love to get everyone’s thoughts on this. I’d love to use this joy con wirelessly and I feel like the issue detailed in the wiki could be the key, I just can’t decipher it.

Forget the bit about 10 ohms. 18 ohms is supposed to indicate a faulty cap, so maybe that’s not it after all. :frowning: