Rookie Mistake by Rookie 2DS Bent Card Reader Pins

Hey all this is my first post here, (Sorry if this goes long) I’m a rookie when it comes to this stuff! I have taken on another project of swapping a 3DS Shell, which I’m waiting on the donor to Arrive! May have questions on that as well when the time comes! Back to to the 2DS so I received a 2DS from a friend for my daughter, it worked perfectly!! One of the games we got ended up being super dirty I wasn’t aware of this until my Daughter tried to play it, and the 2DS said there was no game inserted, Took the game out saw there was a whole bunch of junk on the pins YUCK! so I cleaned it as best I could put it back in and tried again still no go, some of that dirt and grim got onto the pins of the card reader, I took a soft foam cleaning tool and gently tried to clean the pins, what do you know it worked! all the games worked again including Pokémon! phew dodged a bullet or so I thought after a couple days of switching games including the Pokémon game it started making the dirt and grim noises again when sliding in a game, so i said ok no problem… did the same thing as before but this time I used to much force and Bent some pins on this 2DS… sigh welp i screwed up and now no games work and no cartridge’s are being read, and I now have a angry daughter! I have tried a couple local Game shops, and no one repairs these around here (I live in Vermont) is this something I should/could repair myself? or should I send it out ,and if I should send it out any recommendations on where to send it? Thanks in advance for any questions answered its much appreciated, and apologies if there’s unneeded info or if this was to long! I swear I learn as I go!