SAC-001 No power & Strange PSU (ADP-200ER)

Hello Everyone,

So a few years back i bought a very cheap broken PS4 CUH-1216B witch had no power/complete dead.
After a quick inspect it got in a box and forgot about it (didn’t have time for it etc.).
But now with all the covid lockdown i got plenty of time again.

The previous owners sad that the ps4 didnt turn on anymore on 1 day.
After a little teardown and connecting the psu it had no power, no beep, nothing
But the fan would spin for 1 sec. and thats it.
I had to remove the BR Chip (Renesas SCEI) because it had broken legs (still got it just needs some fixing) and i read online that it could power on without it.

So after that:

I inspect the PSU first witch is a ADP-200ER only with a strange behavair…
Normal if you plugin the power cord there would be no 12v on the output to the ps4 until you press the power button or do a PSU test)
However it give continue 12v and if you bridge pin 2 (ACDC_STBY) and pin 4 (5V SBY) it goes to zero until you remove the bridge its back to 12v…
Measure fuses, resistors all good.
So it looks like its a reverse 12v.
So is there a way to reset or reverse that?

Because of the covid there are no ps4 psu available in my country or they are above €100.
So i tough i will hook up a PC PSU (ATX Mod) (also continue 12v) to it but sadly no life in the ps4 motherboard.
With the PC PSU and strange PS4 PSU it got 3.3v and 5v and 12v on some spots.
However i found that there is only 5v on some spots at APU and no 12v when connect to any psu(PC or PS4).

The only thing what i got to work is that the rest mode light turned on for 20 min and then slowly died.
This happend after i bridge pin 2 and pin 4 on the ps4 psu and only happend once. but i gave no respons to anything.

Also all fuses are good on the motherboard.

I hope someone got a solution because the software os on it would be around 4.00 :wink:

Thanks for reading and if replying.

Greetings, Nixz