Safe mode on ps4 slim..Hard drive problem?

Hello, I just started buying and reselling ps4’s a month ago (inspired by TronicsFix) and its been going really well.

I bought a broken PS4 Slim from a local gaming store with no description of what is wrong with it. As soon as I got it, it turned on, It was working perfectly fine…
Here is when the problem starts. When I select the turn off ps4 or rest mode option sometimes it would turn on fine, or blink white or blue.
When blinking white or blue I simply turned it off and on again and it worked fine.
There was one instance where I turned it on, it went to safe mode and it tried getting me to update the software by using a usb for reinstallation…I just pressed okay and it continued to the main login screen (not needing to use any usb updates)

Later on, I wanted to see what would happen when I Initialize the console. It failed to initialize and doesn’t go to the main screen anymore…it automatically goes on safe mode and the only option available is reinstallation with USB. I tried reinstalling software using USB and I only get an error saying there are no USB’s plugged in

Is this a hard drive problem? It fails to initialize, and it would fail to run the software properly on start up randomly…

No one decided to help so I took a risk and bought the new hdd…I put it in and I was able to reinstall the system hardware with no problem what so ever. So the old hdd was broken.

I wish I had been on the site when you posted. Def a hdd issue. Good catch. The hdd can cause a substantial amount of weird issues. Just a suggestion, I bought a used working 250gb hdd off letgo for $10. Then loaded the USB reinitialization files on it. I use it to rule out hdd issues. Saves alot of time and it is surprising how many issues are caused by the hdd.

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