Screws for Switch Pro Controller

Hi there!

I’m honest - I got lost in all the amazing shell replacements and want to try this by myself and orderes a set. While figuring out if I need to buy an extra screwdriver, I stripped one screw a little bit. I guess I’ll get it out once, but probably won’t get it in again. And I’m afraid I will strip more screws while changing the shell.

But I have trouble figuring out, what kind of screws are used on the Pro Controller. Can anyone tell me what measurements they have?
I’m from Europe/Germany (so sorry for my grammar^^) and just buying a set from Ebay/abroad will probably end up in paying way to much for shipping - I want to prevent that if it is possible and get some from a local (online) shop.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


The srewdriver should be a Philips #00
The screws are discribed in the link, if you want to replace some.

Hm, then maybe I don’t get it. They call them 5mm screw. I guess that is the lenght? But what about the thickness/diameter?

Oops… indeed only the length. I have no pro controller myself to measure the diameter of the screw.