SD card reader traces gone

Hi I am missing 2 traces for my sd card reader on my switch v1. I can do small wire repairs I am unsure where the traces go though. I would really appreciate some help here. I can’t seem to post an image or links so I am unsure how to show what I need.

Is the damage on the main motherboard or on the little daughter board for the SD card? If it’s the latter then I would just get a new reader and swap out the other one as they just plug in.

If the damage is on the main motherboard then you can use a website to look through the layers of the board and find out where the traces go. It won’t let me post links but just google balika011 Erista Switch it will show up

Change layers with W and S

Awesome thanks. Damage is on main board. I have also found a photo of where the vias go to on the other side of board. So I’ll be all set to do the repair now.