SD card slot replacement

I attempted to replace the SD card slot and I didn’t put it in correctly and bent the pins on the board. I don’t have a soldering iron or a rework station. What are my options? I just want to make sure I buy the right part.

Try to re bend the pins back in if possible. Or you would need to get a reflow station and the SD part from Amazon or ali

I recently had to do one of these. It was a complete pain, as I opted to heat from below the board (as the other connectors would have melted), and instead the back-light IC moved enough to short itself, so I then had to fix that as well.
I got the part itself from aliexpress, and the seem to be good parts.

You can swap individual pins on this connector if you only have one or two missing just pull them from a donor or replacement connector.

You can also solder these style of connectors from the top with hot air, they can tolerate 320C low air on my station, same as the digitizer connector, though you want to shield the backlight and joy con connectors as they cannot tolerate these temps

I always replace only the missing pins, removing them from a donor connector, but a soldering iron is needed for this
youtube .com / watch?v=cJ6FO4cMq7g (this is a video of me performing the procedure, if you have any questions, just remove the spaces)