Series s hdmi port repair help

Long story short I replaced an hdmi port on a series s, it worked then started flashing green and no sound. Went back to find out that some the solder joint were loose, had too big of a soldering iron, ended up bridging connections went to take off the hdmi to fix excess solder and ended up ripping off soldier pads in the process. First time ever attempting a trace repair, did it once, no dice, and just now finished my second attempt at it and still no dice. I wanna know what I’m possibly doing wrong

2.) I checked to make sure there was no bridging(from what I can physically see there isn’t any)
3,) there are maybe 2 ground pins not connected whiI assumed could be the issue but apparently you can have them not connected as long as other ground pins are connected. If this is the issue I should be able to just connect them to any ground and it should work correct?
4,) I did notice two, I’m assuming fuses, are missing from a set of traces, which I used a wire to bridge the connection to the main trace. Also may have thought that was my problem also.

I just want it working man, and I’m struggling so hard.

I also have included the way I fixed the traces. They’re connected to vias on the traces next to thier fuses. I’m going to include a picture so you can get an idea of what I’ve done and maybe can see what I’m working with

Any help would be great. If I messed it up too much I atleast got some practice with redoing traces lol