Series X detected by TV but no image displayed

So my friend has a Series X that has a weird issue. It needed the HDMI port replaced and he took it to a repair shop that butchered the repair and sent it back saying oh sorry our soldering guy is on vacation. The port was swapped with a new one so I figured I’d take a crack at it. Once I tore it apart I noticed it was missing 2 data pin solder pads.

I have since repaired the pads and soldered down the HDMI port but here’s where it gets weird. When I hook it up to the TV it detects it but still no picture. I checked for shorts, bad components, and even tested from the pins to the HDMI controller with a multimeter and all seems well.

I’m thinking I’m gonna have to replace the 2151 voltage regulator at U82(which I can find to buy) on the back of the board at this point because that’s the only thing I’ve found online that’s commonly caused this issue or it might be the HDMI controller which I can’t seem to find anywhere.

Also they broke the Sata connector for the disk drive but the pins are still straight and the center piece is in the wire so I’ve just been sliding it into place over the pins and as far as I can tell it works.

If you need pictures let me know and as soon as I can I’ll reply to this post/edit this post to add them.

Any ideas or tips would be great here.

NOTE: I have let it fully power on and paired a controller to it so I know it’s running and fully functional outside of the display problem.

Fixed it. Reflowed the HDMI controller and found a couple pins that were bridged under the HDMI port in the process as well. I had just assumed they were ground pins but one was a data line.