Series x Overheating

My Xbox series x is having a overheating problem shortly after playing a mid to high demanding game. Heatsink is clear, fan spins, and no visible pieces of dust. I am assuming it is the thermal paste as overtime the rate of overheatingn has worsen. My warranty is already up and im not paying 300 to have them check it out.
I am asking if it is possible to open it up and apply a new thermal paste and possibly a more efficient fan?
If so does anyone know the tools needed to open this console, a good fan I can put in my system, a good thermal paste product, and of course something to clean the pre-existing thermal paste?

Thank you in advance.

the thermal paste is crap. this is the condition of a few month old thermal paste in the series x:

you can add liquid metal to it.
unfortunately, the Mg chemicals modified conformal coating is nowhere to be found