Short caused when trying to replace bluetooth module

Hi everybody!
I’m just writing because I’m playing around with a PS4 FAT board and I accidentally caused a short when I was trying to replace the bluetooth module.

It was supposed to be an easy fix. Not previous shorts on the board. Everything was working except for the controller not connecting to the console. Only needed to replace the bluetooth module.

Sadly, I don’t have a BGA reballing equipment or infrared pre-heater for doing the job, only my hot air station.

During the process I made something wrong (not really sure what, maybe to much temperature or much time). The problem is that after soldering a brand new module, I noticed two capacitors on the other side of the board were shorted, and also signal and ground in the antenna conector output.
I removed the bluetooth module again and then I noticed that in the bluetooth module, antena paths are shorted with ground paths, and the short on the capacitors still remains.

Shorted capacitors are on the other side of the board, as you can see in the pictures, but I’m not really sure if they are related with the blu-ray motor driver or with the bluetooth module (my guess is bluetooth but I’m not really sure).
These are the images (delete spaces on the link):
ibb. co /BCdhcny
ibb. co /31JsYGW

I have a few questions:

  • Can somebody tell which IC is connected to these capacitors?
  • Can somebody guess what I did wrong to cause this?
  • And finally, anybody knows the value of the missing capacitor? I removed to check if the capacitor was wrong due to the hot air, and I accidentally lost it… I think it is 1uF, but not really sure…

Thanks for the help!