Short next to max776220 all major chips removed

Hello, i have a switch that wouldnt turn on or charge, i had some shorts around the primary max power ic, started removing chips and they all went when i removed one of the secondary onces. unfortunatly while trying to power from bench and checking thermal cam i shorted the bench supply (i was powering vbat with a resistor in place at 4.2v 2a max). now i have this short next to the max ic that wont go away. i removed bq, m92, p13, en ic (3,3v regulator), both secondary max regulators and the cap that was shorting. both pads are shorting to ground. please help, thx

nvm left side of the cap has has 32.5ohm

In this spot the reading is very low and often mistaken as short. Please check if 0 Ohms to GND.
Some pads from the max in your pic are touching each other. Make sure no pads are shorting.

those pads are connected anyways as far as im aware

That’s exactly what value it should be on v1 board

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