Short on this cap with M92 out

Hi guys, can anyone shed some light on this? was replacing the m92 and i found a short on this little cap on the south. i took the ic out and it still persists. I took off the emmc and the short remains, anyone know what this little guy is linked to?

It s the power for the M92t36 IOs (VDDIO) and linked to the backside. But from there I couldn t find the other end…

so the short would have to be coming from the backside. Now i guess ill have to pull things off until i figure out what chip feeds it?

I measured the hole side for my diode mode map, but I couldn t find a corresponding pad. Maybe I missed a pad or wrote the false value down.

I am having same issue with my switch. Cap at pin 18 VDDIO shorted.
Have u checked cap pulled of motherboard !
Please post if u are available to fix it.

I found the loose end. :slightly_smiling_face:
The cap is linked to the ‘EN’ ic.
If the cap beneath the M92T36 isn t the cause of the short, the EN ic might be the problem.

i have nothing to lose ill pull it off to check

nope. pulled it off and still shorting on the other side.

You pulled the M92T36, the cap beneath and the EN ic and still having a short?

m92 has been off i just also pulled off the en ic

What s about the cap beneath the M92T36?

just pulled it off still shorted. it has to go somehwere else. im thinking of heating it with a soldering iron and getting a thermal camera to see what heats up on that track

VDDIO pin is basically being used for an input that tells battery level. If its a 1.5v or less thats mean dead low battery. Which switch checks for before going to fast charge.

Although I have shorted cap when I press power button I am getting 0.8 volts at pin 18. It will keep charging battery at 0.42a until battery is fully charged.

Were u getting any voltage at VDDIO ? When power on.