Short Versus No Short?


I’m currently in the process of repairing a water damaged Nintendo Switch. Many components on the circuit board read to be shorted, as I attempt to narrow the problem down to the root cause.

How am I supposed to know which components are meant to read a true continuity and which ones are not? A lot of these components look very similar which complicates the situation. So far, I’ve replaced the charging power control IC chip (M92T36), however I still receive the same shorted readings on my multimeter.

I’ve included an image of the “shorted” components for reference. Any wisdom on this matter would be highly appreciated!

Hi, from my basic understanding most multimeters will beep under 50ohms. But doesn’t mean components are shorted. For example the cpu will give a beep as its a low impedence line, which is normal. Someone might correct if am wrong but 12.9ohms and 11.8ohms reading around is not a short on the mt92. From what havd read, in general a short is anything below 2 ohms. Hope that helps you.