Shortcuts to isolate problems with black screen of death


I’m trying to try some shortcuts to narrow down what is going wrong with a one x. Primarily I’m doing this to try to avoid unneeded part purchase.

I know that black screen can be hdmi port system problems, cables, the monitor or the hard drive. It’s easy to test the cables and monitors, so I’ll skip that.

To eliminate the HDD as a cause I’ve used console companion to stream the xbox. Since the xbox streams and plays games over this I think I can rule out the HDD (yeah I know, you’re probably thinking that’s obvious)

Next is the hdmi system. I realize there are multiple components that should be tested individually, but regarding the retimer chip, that seems to serve the whole hdmi system. Meaning a bad retimer should also prevent HDMI IN from working. Is there any other parts of the HDMI system that both ports share? If not couldn’t I just plug something into HDMI in and use streaming to test that? Assuming it doesn’t work I would theorize that the culprit has to be retiming.

Thoughts about my approach are appreciated!

99% retimer ic problem… it’s always retimer ic fault… replace it, is faster to replace it and see what happens than spending hours investigating…