Shorted Capacitors around the APU

Hi there,
I am currently attempting a repair on an original PS4. Seemed like a BLOD at first. Since it would beep, give a blue light and turn off immediately. On a second start there wouldn’t even be a blue light, but just the beep.
I went ahead and checked the capacitors on the MB. Just for checking it out before trying the washers. However, I noticed that all of the capacitors around the APU are shorted. And I mean all of them, even on the backside of the board. I was wondering whether anyone ever encountered something like this. I bought the PS4 off of ebay and someone was inside it already (warranty stickers removed and no thermal paste). Maybe it was a horrible attempt at reballing the APU.
So anyway, the rest of the board seems fine and I can definetly use it as a donor. Just wondering whether this is a problem that has been seen before. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Sounds like it’s a faulty APU. Usually if they’ve tried to reball it you’ll see evidence of that because there will be burned flux around the APU. You can always try the washer trick to see if that will work but I’m guessing it’s not a fixable unit.

No signs of flux, or any other kind of tempering weirdly. Other than that a perfectly good board, so it’ll be a good donor. Thanks for the answer. I’ll post an update if it is in fact fixable.

Yes, please do. Good luck!

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Usually there’s only ONE capacitor shorted .
Try looking under a microscope but sometimes the burn is on the underside of the component.
If you have a thermal camera it will be a big help.

Are you saying that one shorted capacitor might be connecting all the others to ground? I’ve thought about that, but I’m still trying to find a way to reliably tell which component it might be. Unfortunately there are no circuit diagrams for the ps4 out there, at least none I could find. Have you had any experience with this?

I don’t have a thermal camera, but I do have a microscope. I don’t see any obvious burns. Any tipps on what I should look for?

Under a microscope a Shorted Capacitor may have an obvious crack on it , darker colored or if you can’t pin point which one you can always remove it by batch usually by 3s . then test if the short is gone,
this case is common also on PS3s especially on CECHL .
I’ve been reballing and repairing PS3 and XBox360 since 2010 :slight_smile: .

Thanks for your help! I’ve double checked a weird looking resistor based on your description and it’s reading 0 Ohms. I’ll try and get a similar one off a donor board and post an update once I get it working :slight_smile:

Resistors often have a low reading Ohms. There are also fusables that have 0 readings .
Concentrate on your “search” on the Capacitors (*when i’m able to post image soon it\ll be easier)

Hello again, I’m here with an update. The console was originally a no power one, but since I’ve posted this I’ve found a shorted capacitor and replaced it. I’ve done various maintenance steps as well. Shorts around the APU are gone.
Now it’ll distinctly switch between beeping with a persistent blue light and no blue light when you hit the power button and shutting off immediately, without the relay in the power supply clicking.
It is a known good power supply, that I’ve taken out of my other Ps4. I remember fixing this problem at some point, but I don’t remember how I did it.
And clues where I might trace it back to?

Last Update:
The Ps4 is now working properly!
The Problems were a shorted capacitor on the backside of the board leading to the power management IC, as well as the control pin for the power supply 5V connector not being soldered on properly. I found flux residue around that connector and checked it with a multimeter, which made clear, that it was faulty.
Thank you @tronicsfix and @Royginald_PXP for your help!
My cousin will be happy to have his first Ps4 soon :smiley:

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Wow, nice work! I was sure you wouldn’t be able to fix this one!

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Same here actually. Quite the shock when the white light actually came on! Thanks for this forum and your videos!


Glad to be of help :slight_smile:

i have also similar issue like your ps4 shorted around APU on motherboard. how did u trace your shorted capacitor? can you give picture (or picture on google) of your ps4 motherboard on component that cause shorted ?

really appreciated on your help.

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