Shorted Circuit near Battery Charger Chip on Nintendo Switch V1

Trying to fix a switch that does not turn on,
at first there was 0.043 amps with 15v charging, now 0A after I replaced shorted capacitors.
But there is a shorted circuit under a capacitor near the battery charging chip (BQ24193) as seen in the photo below. The capacitor itself is good, but the circuit below on both sides shorted to ground.

Tried to resolder the chip near it, without success.

What can I do to diagnose the problem? Thanks.

In the photo, The capacitor circuit is shorted to ground on both sides, the capacitor itself is good: (REMOVE SPACING)
https:// drive . google . com/ file /d/1JBxXu00Ej0EgYVclM6JDYW8MXnG0kqfk/view?usp=sharing

Check the fuse above the usb port ? Then check the coil? Then replace the bq chip with a new one ?

the fuse is good, coil is good. When the bq chip is removed, there is still a short on the capacitor circuit. Is it the board? or I can check anything else?

That’s a Vbat cap. check mobo backside bat gauge ic max17050