Shorted pin 5 of MT92T36

Hey guys.So i have a switch with broken usb port and short on pin5 of MT92T36.

I removed the port , cap around pin 5-short is still there.

Removed MT92…, removed cap around PI3USB,removed PI3USB itself-still shorted.

I was trying to detect short by measuring components with ohmmeter ,the lowest are caps around PI3USB,but all of them show same 0.37-0.4 ohms.

Any suggestions what should i look into next?

Dont want to desolder half of the motherboard…

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Hey there,
Pin 5 is a voltage generated by the M92T36 to supply a few other chips. Most of those chips do have a cap as close to theis supply pins as possible. There’s a big cap right next to Pin 5, which might also be broken. And from what I can see you didn’t try removing that one.

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Hey.Thank you for the answer. I ve already desoldered M92T36 pin5 cap.Desoldered cap conected to same rail for PI3USB and PI3USB itself as i already mentioned.
I couldnt find any more components conected to pin5 rail to check except caps to the botom of PI3USB.


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Red on the images are desoldered components/
Red square with an arow are 4 caps wich are still shorted but they all have same 0.38 Ohm between them so im not sure if i should desolder 4 of them, would ve like to avoid it.

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These four caps, have the value 0.1uf