Siwtch wifi issues?

Hi I have a switch that’s having weird wifi issues. It cant detect find any signal. I removed the battery one time and it started working again. I streamed YouTube till the battery was exhausted to test, after charging the wifi is gone again.

There is no history of repair.

Has anyone encounter this?

Any info is appreciated

Is the white / black antenna attached properly?

Yes it is. I’m thinking maybe the wifi Bluetooth chip needs a reflow. I’m a bit hesitant on reflowing the wifi/Bluetooth chip as it is a working unit. Also the unit is new but it’s an import so no warranty.

I, don’t suppose there is such a thing as a defective antenna? I haven’t really removed the board as I’m clueless on what to check. But IL try to check the antenna.

ok some update if anyone is interested. after leaving the unit for some time wifi seemed functional again. so i played youtube music until the battery is depeleted and guess what. the wifi cannot find any signal again. i don’t really know how the battery is connected to the wifi signal. but this has happend twice already.

Sounds more like the switch warm/heat up from normal temp then wifi goes bad.

Well not really. As the unit has rested for a while. I went out and turned off the unit, upon returning tested the unit again and the wifi is gone. At first I thought it might be an antenna issues. So what I did was I tried to scan wifi near the router but still couldn’t find any signal