Slim Model PS2 Disk Drive will not spin up. Cheaper to fix or just buy a new one?

I have my Slim Model PS2 from when I was a kid and i recently got it out of storage at my parents house, but when i go to boot it up the disk drive wont spin up at all.

Is this an easy fix or would i be better off just buying a working PS2?

same thing happend to my og xbox it will slowly start happening to wii’s xbox 360’s maybe ps1’s and ps3’s its sad but theirs a full detailing a temporary fix to fix the entire problem buy a doner ps2 one with most likely dead controller or memory card ports and take look at a guide on ifixit their the real pro’s when trying to find a guide to fix stuff. Edit : it’s the laser not the entire disc drive I THINK I don’t know though but I think it might be easier to just replace the whole optical drive but be careful on model numbers if you screw that up it might not work so be careful!!!

here again to say if your don’t trust yourself take it to a repair shop and if you can’t find a good one or trustable one just get another ps2 that’s what I did with my og xbox transferred my data through a very old usb and boom its like nothing ever changed!