Slim won't power on - 3.3V missing

Hi folks.
I got PS4 Slim in nice shape but not turning on. No beep, no led. Power supply is broken but trying to fix it I left for later. So far connected 5V from lab PS and noticed there is no 3.3V. Replaced RT5069A but it didn’t help. Diode measures around chip are quite close to some I found documented. So southbridge would probably be next step. There is no short around it but I found shorted two lines on LAN port. Is there anything I should check before attempting bridge IC replacement?

Did you succeed finally?
Can you tell what was the problem?

Hi - I just received RT5069 this weekend (ordered Dec 11). One I used earlier was probably fake. I wasn’t able to fix power supply in meantime so bought replacement as well. This should arrive this week so I will post results soon. Thank you for checking

Hi. I was finally able to test console. It works just fine with that IC and power supply replaced. Lesson learned - try to buy used PSU instead replacement. Mine has some bad coil and makes high freq noise - little annoying. I will have to change it and use this one only for future tests.