Small spring? PS4 1003A disc drive

Hi everyone thanks in advance for your help and knowledge.

I took my PS4 apart to clean it because it was very noisy and it honestly pissed me off.
After putting it back together I realised that the disc drive wasn’t taking any disc on and that makes some clicking noise, also had two screws left (Philips) but not too worried about it.

Today I went to open it again to see if I could fix it and armed with some screwdrivers and a bunch of YouTube videos I took it all apart (more than the first time) this time I opened the disc drive and to my surprise when I did a little spring (about 1/4 of an inch) came out of it and I can’t figure out where is it from.

I’ve diagnosed why the disc isn’t getting into the drive. Basically the white plastic slider that moves the rollers is a bit off when retracted. Moving it manually it takes some force to get it to move and it makes a hard click when all the way in (rollers up)

I couldn’t upload a video so here’s a link for the video I just uploaded to YouTube… Goddammit I can’t either put a link on a post. I’ll make the video public and you’d have to look for
spring ps4 disc drive wtf?

Please any help would be very much appreciated.

Javi : )

There is a small spring on the manual eject screw but that shouldnt come out unless you actually opened up the bluray drive

if it is that one it a small black gear with a crosshead so you can turn it with a screwdriver