Smart TV Repair

Hi Folks,

My Westinghouse Android Smart TV model WG55UR4100 worked fine for 3 years and suddenly its picture stopped working. The TV turns on fine and I can hear the sound of clicks when using the remote (cursor going over different icons) and even I can launch apps like Youtube etc. (obviously without being able to see) and they seem to work fine.

I used a torch light close to the screen in dark room and I could actually see the screen. So literally its like extra dim and dark screen but otherwise display seems to be working. After some research I found that it is probably the LED inverter driver board that have gone bad. On opening the back cover I can see:
1: MP5565T-90V1200 which seems like the power board as main power cable is coming to this. Then cables are going from this board to other Main board mentioned in point 2 below.
2: CV838H-B which seems like the main board of the TV as this has all the connectors, including audio, HDMI etc. Also there is wide multi connection cable going from this board to a T Con board mentioned in Point 3 below.
3: 6P296M00U013 T Con board which has 2 wide multiconnection cables going to 2 long PCB boards as mentioned in point 4 below.
4: LC546PU2L 03 these are 55" diagonal Oxide TFT-LCD display panel PCBs. I think these 2 are further connected to LCD lights or what ever This is the part I don’t know fully about as rest of the things are under the screen and cant see.

I do not see any visible damage , blown capacitors or anything in any of the boards. Mostly it is suggested that Power board should be changed and possibly the T Con board. But I do not have any way to confirm this.
Please advise the functions of these boards and then may be advise as per best guess which board may need replacement or further troubleshooting.