Smd T12 Type Tip

Has any used or tried these Hakko T12 tips for SMD work?

Yeah, T12 style tips are excellent.

Though they require calibration for each individual tip as there can be upwards of 120C temperature variation between them, my cheap KSGER station is able to save a temp profile for each T12 tip variant.

If your reffering to those large tunnel tips, I haven’t used that style myself it would seem a bit pointless to me as it seems to require both the tunnel tip and wire flipper tool… at which point you may aswell use hotair and tweezers, though i do have a single large version, like the following

tbh i don’t find them particulaly useful and barely use it… you would use this style for cleaning the pads of large BGA, but just as doable with a standard chisel tip etc

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