SNES not receiving controller input

Hey I am wondering how to fix a SNES that isn’t receiving any controller input. I just bought a replacement controller port circuit board to see if that was the issue but it was not. It is receiving power as the light will turn on and overall the system can play games without issues. I have cleaned and disassembled the system and am reaching a knowledge gap on what could be the issue. I would love any help.

Have you verified the same issue with another controller?

afaict the port lines CLK, latch, serial etc all go directly to the CPU, so unless something is dragging down 5V rail used on the port or there is a passive which has failed on the lines mentioned then it would point to a CPU issue.

Have you verified your getting 5V on the ports circuit board?

here is a basic pinout

There is also detailed schematics avaliable, and there may also be boardviews too