Socket Pins Pulled Down, How to Lift?

Working on a Switch and despite taking the usual care with the front panel cable, I managed to pull down three pins on the connector and can’t fit the ribbon in now.

(This is where I’d put an image but the forum seems to restrict me from doing that.)

Are there any tools or tricks I can use to prop these back up? The hot air rework station I have access to is inadequate at the moment for attempting a total port replacement and I have until Sunday to figure this out :grimacing:

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

It very much depends just how bent they are, I have some super tiny tweezers that I have used in the past to bend them back into alignment, though its never perfect and getting the cable in is a really test of patience as I tend to be able to bend them back horizontally, but rarely upwards…
It is possible to replace the port with just a soldering iron, though that’s not a fun experience either!

Wish I could link my picture but it still won’t let me. Do you have any super tiny tweezers you can recommend? I want to make sure I get the right size.

Here’s a pic. Can anyone tell if these three pins are used?

I dont know if they are used, but I would assume so for an LCD connector.

These are the tweezers I have been using that are small enough to get into the connector, though I doubt they would arrive fast enough for your time frame:

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It’s okay, these will be handy in the future regardless. Thanks so much!