Software Tool for Testing Different Gamepads


This is a request for a recommendation for a SOFTWARE tool (or maybe just a good method to test that isn’t software, if you have any ideas let me know). We are looking for a good software based tool, preferably PC based (x32 or x64 bit or ARM I guess if it’s a Windows app), that will allow you to plug in or bluetooth your gamepads of various sorts (joycons, dualshock, xbox controller etc) and test the different inputs). Ideally we want something that runs with relatively low resources/overhead (vs. using steam or something that isnt really made for testing). Even if there isn’t something that can accommodate all gamepads, even something for specific brands or types would be a good lead. Thanks in advance!

Game controller tester is one but it’s only for xbox controllers.

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It’s definitely not meant for testing, but the website gamepadviewer works great for seeing inputs as they’re being used. Lots of streamers use it.

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I have been using html5gamepad . com
Have used it to test both Xbox One and PS4 controllers I have been repairing. Chrome is the browser I use and I have seen no issues.
Similar to yourself, I was looking for a quick way to test controllers that is lightweight.

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Thanks for the recommendations!